Real-time Volumetric Lighting in Participating Media

Balázs Tóth, Tamás Umenhoffer
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology, Technical University of Budapest,
Budapest, Magyar tudósok krt. 2, H-1117, HUNGARY


Simulating light scattering in participating media, such as dust, fog or smoke, can greatly improve the overall realism of the images. This volumetric effect has been well studied in the context of off-line rendering but is still challenging for interactive applications. In this paper we present a GPU-based algorithm to compute volumetric light-shafts generated by single scattering in participating media. The proposed method uses shadow maps to account for shadowing and interleaved sampling to maintain high frame rates without sacrificing image quality.


Participating media, single-scattering, volumetric shadows, GPU, interleaved sampling